Research Department


The institute infrastructure enables clinical and dental technology staff to undetake clinical and dental technology research.


In collaboration with leading industry and leading university partners the AIDER is planning to undertake also clinical prospective trials in the field of implant dentistry.






Current research projects

Volumetric analysis of remodeling pattern after ridge preservation  with and without xenograft. A randomized clincal trial.


This trial evaluates with a modern 3D-intra-oral scan method and 3D volume analysis software the volumetric changes of a ridge following an extraction comparing with and without a xenograft.

Evaluation of passive fit of implant retained reconstractions.

Due to distortion during the casting process of large implant retained reconstructions the passive fit on dental implants is difficult to achieve. Modern CAD/CAM methods enable to fabricate frameworks with higher accuracy. Different materials such as zirconia, titanium and chrome-steal are evaluated.This project is in its 4th year at the dental technology department of the AIDER.

Evaluation of the influence of insertion torque of a dental implant on crestal bone changes.

The ideal insertion torque of a dental implant is discussed controversial.


This trial is comparing the insertion torque of the dental implant with the crestal bone changes during the healing period.


Immediate loading and second-stage protocols are evaluated.